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                    The Kolazhgostar Mandegar Co.’s course of action

The Kolazhgostar Mandegar intends to import chemical materials in variety needed for use in different industries through out the country, with best quality and most suitable services. It also intends to export the surplus of requirements to other countries in order to fulfill the government’s goals.

Looking after the customer’s interest are the most and foremost pillars of this company’s being witness over its actions, after the almighty. The company always performs overlooking the qualities to acquire the best and the appropriate ones for the satisfaction of our good customers.

Our intention is to be known as one of the companies who offer its best attention to its customers in providing them the best quality and services also with getting ISO 9001-2008. We believe that our fulfillment to these aims would be impossible without common intimation, coordination and transparent actions offered by the employees.


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